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Research Status and Development Trend of Frontier Advanced Ceramic Materials

Research Status and Development Trend of Frontier Advanced Ceramic Materials

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With the development of modern high-tech, advanced ceramics have gradually become an important part of new materials, and become an important key material for the development of many high-tech fields. It has attracted great attention of developed industrial countries. Its development also affects the development and progress of other industries to a large extent.
Advanced ceramics are widely used in various fields of national economy, such as national defense, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, aviation, aerospace, biomedicine and so on, because of their special fine structure and a series of excellent performances such as high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, conductivity, insulation, magnetism, transparency, semiconductor, piezoelectric, ferroelectricity, acoustooptic, superconductivity and biocompatibility. The development of advanced ceramics is a new growth point of national economy, and its research, application and development status is one of the important symbols reflecting the comprehensive strength of a country's national economy.
Advanced ceramics are "ceramics with highly selected or synthesized raw materials, precisely controlled chemical composition, easy processing according to controlled manufacturing technology, easy structural design, and excellent characteristics". According to its characteristics and uses, it can be divided into two categories: structural ceramics and functional ceramics.
Structural ceramics are ceramics that can be used as engineering structural materials. They have high strength, high hardness, high modulus of elasticity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and thermal shock resistance. Structural ceramics can be roughly divided into oxide system, non-oxide system and ceramic matrix composites for structure. Functional ceramics refer to a kind of ceramics with electrical, magnetic, optical, acoustic, superconducting, chemical and biological characteristics and mutual conversion functions. Functional ceramics account for about 70% of the market share of advanced ceramics, while structural ceramics account for the rest.
Due to the continuous discovery of various functions of advanced ceramics, the position of supporting materials in microelectronics industry, communication industry, automation control and future intelligent technology will become increasingly obvious, and its market capacity will continue to improve.
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