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Special ceramics will be popular in the future ceramic market to achieve high-tech industries

Special ceramics will be popular in the future ceramic market to achieve high-tech industries

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New type ceramics are called new type ceramics or special ceramics because of their chemical composition, microstructures and properties different from ordinary ceramics. The different chemical composition and structure of the new ceramics determine their different special properties and functions, such as high strength, high hardness, high toughness, corrosion resistance, conductivity, insulation, magnetism, light transmission, semiconductor and piezoelectric, photoelectric, electro-optic, acousto-optic, magneto-optic, etc.
Because of its special properties, this kind of ceramics can be used as engineering structural materials and functional materials in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, smelting, energy, medicine, laser, nuclear reaction, astronautics and so on. Some developed countries, especially Japan, the United States and Western European countries, have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in the research and development of special ceramics in order to accelerate the revolution of new technology and lay a material foundation for the development of new industries. Therefore, the development of new ceramics is very rapid, and there are also great breakthroughs in technology. New ceramics play an increasingly important role in modern industrial technology, especially in the field of high technology and new technology.
New ceramics developed in the twentieth century. With the promotion and cultivation of modern production and science and technology, new special ceramics "reproduce" very quickly. Especially in the past two or three decades, new ceramics have emerged in endlessly, which is dazzling. Recently, the nuclear power plant reactor in Fukushima, Japan, in the nuclear crisis caused by the earthquake and tsunami, has adopted ceramic fuel and high temperature resistant graphite structure. Material Science. Who will be the most profitable new type of special ceramics in 2011? We'll see...
1. Oxide ceramics
Alumina: It is one of the most widely used raw materials in new ceramic products and has a series of excellent properties. In addition, it is also an important raw material for high temperature refractories, abrasives, abrasives, laser materials and alumina gemstones.
Zirconia: It is an important raw material for high temperature structural ceramics, electronic ceramics and refractories.
Titanium dioxide: It is an important raw material for manufacturing capacitor ceramics, thermosensitive ceramics and piezoelectric ceramics.
Beryllium oxide: It is an important raw material for new type ceramics with high thermal conductivity.
Ferric oxide: It is an important raw material for strong magnetic materials.
Tin dioxide: widely used in electronic ceramics.
Zinc oxide: It can improve the mechanical and electrical properties of ceramic materials.
Nickel oxide: Used in thermosensitive ceramics.
Lead oxide: In new ceramics, it is mainly used as the main raw materials for synthesizing Pb-Ti-O_3, Pb (Zr, Ti) O_3 and Pb (Mg1/3, Nb2/3) O_3.
Niobium pentoxide: It is widely used in the electronic ceramics industry, such as as as as the main raw materials for manufacturing lead magnesium niobate low temperature sintered monolithic capacitors, lithium niobate single crystal, etc., and also as a modifier additive.
Manganese oxides: such as making humidity sensors, overheating protectors, etc.
Chromium oxide: Used as a gas sensor, gas alarm ingredients.
Cobalt oxide: Used in concentrating materials, etc.
2. Nitride Ceramics
Boron nitride: It has high heat resistance, heat shock resistance and high temperature strength, and can be processed into various shapes, so it is widely used as processing materials for various melts. Boron nitride powder and products have good lubricity. They can be used as fillers for metals and ceramics to make bearings. In addition, it is the smallest proportion of ceramic materials, so it is very advantageous for flight and structural materials.
Aluminum nitride: It has excellent electrical insulation and dielectric properties.
Silicon nitride: Its products can resist the erosion of various non-metallic solutions, and can be used as lining materials for crucibles, thermocouple protection tubes, furnaces, metal smelting furnaces or heat treatment. It is also an insulator and dielectric, which can be used in integrated circuits. In addition, silicon nitride has high hardness and can be used as abrasive material. It has high heat shock resistance and is a suitable material for manufacturing rocket nozzles and turbine blades.