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Talent Concept
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Responsibility, competence, good responsibilities, trust
Without excellent talents, there will be no excellent companies. Responsibility and competence are the criteria for a company's selection. Goodness and trust are the standards used by the company.
Responsibility means having responsibility, professionalism, professionalism, courage to be responsible, daring to take responsibility, eager to make achievements, eager for merit, and ambition and ambition. The company must be responsible for its own work, and must be responsible to the country, the society, the family, and the loved ones.
The first criterion for the company's employment is the "de" problem. "There is no talent to be talented, and there is no morality to sell." Employees should be honest, trustworthy, modest, united, have a sense of mind, and have a sense of collective honor. The requirement for people is that the society demands people, and it must have public morality. It is considered that a person without social morality cannot become a qualified employee. Those who lack public morality, no matter how high they are, will be resolutely rejected.
Talent and management
Talent concept: The ancients have a cloud: "With mermaid, it is better to teach people and fishermen" to teach people and fish, is to train talents. The company respects the enterprise spirit of “Dedication, Integrity, Team, Innovation”, pays attention to the character and ability of employees, requires employees to have professionalism and pioneering ability, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, has modern management awareness and advocates teamwork spirit.
Talent Strategy
Excellent talents are the cornerstone of the company's strategic goals and the driving force for the development of the company. The company uses scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanisms, a fair competition platform, and broad career development space to recruit talents. We can fully reflect our self-worth in our collective, and achieve the greatest fit between life planning and enterprise development, and employees and enterprises grow together.
The staff is subject to a post-target assessment mechanism, a competitive mechanism capable of being able to go up and down, and a rational flow of reorganization mechanism to form a positive elimination and virtuous circle selection mechanism. Efforts to achieve the optimal allocation of talents, the implementation of "jumping to pick peaches", who has the ability to go, so that ability to become the most important measure of the role of talent in the enterprise.
Employing principle
The company recognizes and satisfies the needs of talents, respects and accommodates the individuality of talents, insists on employing people without doubt, and suspects do not. Use boldly the talents used, fully trust, fully authorize, suppress luck, and make efforts to improve the transparency of system implementation. It is necessary to assume the responsibility of the post and to give corresponding rights.
Our employees should have: a positive attitude, a grateful attitude, an enterprising attitude, a sincere and diligent attitude, a cooperative and innovative mindset, an inclusive mindset and a dedicated mindset.
Talent Concept