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Temperature controllers with 95% alumina (AL2O3) are widely used in electrical appliances, electrothermal refrigeration ventilation equipment and many other industries. It not only has excellent reliability and practicability, but also has a high value-cost ratio because of its large-scale production. 
Main technical parameters of ceramics for thermostat series:
Item detection environment unit index
Main Components     Containing alpha-AL2O3 (95%)
Volume density     ≥ 3.6
Flexural strength   MPa 280
Linear expansion coefficient 20~100℃ X10-6mm/℃ 6.5~8.5
Dielectric constant 1MHz·20℃   9~10
Dielectric loss
Angular tangent
20℃ tgδ(10-4) 2~3
80℃ 2~3
After dampness 2.2~3.5
Volumetric resistivity 100℃ Ω·cm 1014
Breakdown strength   KV/mm 15~25
Chemical stability 1:9HCI Mg/cm2 ≤ 7.5
10%NaoH ≤ 0.2
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