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Company Culture
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Company Culture
Business philosophy: rigorous, realistic, united, innovative and efficient
Corporate Goals: World-class professional electronic ceramic developers and manufacturers
Innovative thinking: the pursuit of never ending
Scientific and technological concept: technology is the foundation of enterprise survival and development
Team spirit: Hang Seng is a family, regardless of you and me; Hang Seng is my family and thrives on everyone.
Quality policy: Hengxin creates high-quality products, and the films are made of high-quality products.
Constant heart to create high quality: All members are single-minded and consistently continue to strengthen quality awareness and improve product quality.
The film is a boutique: each piece is made by the staff, and each piece is aimed at achieving superior products.
Up to standard tree brand: to achieve national standards in quality, enhance the brand effect, establish the company brand.
Enjoy the reputation every year: Every year to provide customers with quality products, customer satisfaction is our greatest honor.